Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 3: San Diego Automotive Museum

Today we had a lot of time before tonight's night game at Petco Park. Originally we thought of going to the Natural History Museum, but instead found out about the San Diego Automotive Museum and decided to go there instead. I figure we can easily go to science type museums a lot of other cities, especially since we get in free to a lot of them with our Field Museum membership, and the automotive museum was something more unique to do. Plus, I hoped it would be of more interest to Mik, but he is pretty much a booger no matter where we take him and rarely cares what we decide.

Dad and I at least enjoyed it. There was a lot of old cars that were cool to look at and of course photograph. I loved looking at the old scooters and motorcycles, especially the 1960 something Harley Davidson scooter and the Vespa scooter. Another cool car was Louie Mattar's Fabulous $75,000 Car, which is a car specialized to run constantly for thousands of miles including fueling up while still moving and changing tires while moving. For at least a few minutes Mik was glad we were on our type of road trip with lots of stops and not the week long non-stop ones this car has done. Mik did at least enjoy seeing the Ferrari and we saw 90% of the place before him being obnoxious and needing lunch.

Click the photos below to see the rest of the photos from this museum and the rest of today's photo.

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